Best Financial Management & Accounting Software--Expert Reviews, Recommendations, Pricing

Financial management software includes features for financial and operational data, but can also have capabilities in planning, analysis (FP&A), marketing, and risk management. We evaluated some of the top systems to help you select the best financial software for your company.

This report compares top financial management solutions across 40 key criteria and offers a comprehensive list of requirements that can save you time and provide more certainty in your selection process.

Find the best financial management solution:

  • Find out how each product supports the functions that matter most to your company.
  • Get a comprehensive list of the key requirements for use in your software comparison.
  • Get recommendations and pricing for solutions matching your business needs.

Over 120 financial management solutions evaluated. SelectHub’s built-in analyst ratings are combined with user ratings to create SelectHub ratings reports—which allow us to provide you with highly accurate recommendations and pricing matching your needs.

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